Russian Consul General visits Diagramm Halbach

Philipp Halbach, Heinrich Böckelühr, Ulrich Halbach, Jewgenij Schmagin, Ilja Roschkow, Klaus-Jürgen Paul and Dagmar Höke

High-ranking visitor to the premises of Diagramm Halbach. Russian General Consul Yevgeny Shmagin toured the premises of the long-established, Schwerte-based company on 5 September in the company of Mayor Heinrich Böckelühr. During the walkabout, general manager Philipp Halbach and senior partner Ulrich Halbach drew particular attention to products supplied to Russian customers from the Schwerte headquarters. These include medical chart paper for hospitals to the same extent as tickets for car parks and event venues. In subsequent discussions, General Consul Shmagin acknowledged the intensive business relationships that have been established between Germany and Russia.

Diagramm Halbach is an internationally present company with customers in more than 70 countries all over the world and several subsidiaries outside Germany. As far as general manager Philipp Halbach is concerned, this claim to internationalization is connected with the company's high level of specialization: "A pronounced product specialization combined with the engineering for high production capacity make it necessary to extend the geographic boundaries of our market to the greatest extent possible. Diagramm Halbach's strengthened position in markets outside Germany provides significant impetus towards the company's further expansion."

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